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About Pulse Check Plus

Confidence From Experience

Invaluable Skills to Learn

Well-versed and friendly instruction is what you’ll receive from Pulse Check Plus, LLC. Founded by Dennis Grejczyk Sr., his wife Diane Grejczyk, and their son Dennis Grejczyk Jr., in 2006 Pulse Check Plus is now supported by a corps of family and instructor family. Combined they represent multiple decades of 911 dispatch, law enforcement, EMS, clinical, hospital, military and private sector experience and training.

It is their feeling the community benefits from quality CPR/AED, First Aid and other training. Offering classes suitable for everyone, Pulse Check Plus, LLC instructs at all levels of experience from the general public to health care providers.

Classes Right For You

Certification in Basic Life Support, Heart-Saver CPR/AED, First Aid and more is beneficial and can even open doors to job opportunities. Find out how these skills can benefit you and your career, continue browsing or contact us today.

About Our Founders